Rockville Moving and Storage Tips

Storage and Relocation tips
The planning phase is the most important first step in any moving project. This is because everyone involved will be able work off the same schedule.

Lay out an oversized calendar to jot down everything along a timeline. If you have a month to orchestrate your move, go ahead and lay out dates for your action plan. As each task is accomplished, check it off and move on to the next.

Inventory your possessions as you pack. Keep proper records of your items to ensure that everything that you want to go with you gets there.

Color-code your boxes to make it easy to find and organize them by room.

If you work from room to room, you can itemize and pack from the least needed to the most needed for the month you are moving. 

Packing and storage is a great way to get your household items organized. If you have a limited time to get your home or apartment emptied before the next family moves in, this method allows you to move your items temporarily into storage as you pack.

Hold a garage sale if you can to get rid of the extra materials that you don't want to take with you. Go ahead and donate items that you fail to sell.

Long distance moving costs more when you have more stuff to haul. Carefully consider large furniture or other heavy items that you may not be using or purchase them for less than it does costs to move them once you are in your new area.

Have a layout of your new home and organize the furniture, boxes and other items on your layout in advance. Color-code each room to make it easy for boxes to end up in their respected places.

Once you have moved into your new home and all the boxes are in their respective places, take a break and establish one room in which to focus your limited set up time. Get that room in order and make it your place to rest, eat or unwind.


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